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DigDuck is the photo-sharing app for those special moments people know with certainty will make their friends crave to see.

Capture a picture and blur the most interesting part of the photo by swiping a fingertip over the area and add a teasing text.

Send it to friends or publish it to all their followers. Users earn Ducks by creating captivating messages that friends or followers want to reveal.

Reward friends and people they follow with a few Ducks when revealing their messages.

Explore and follow users they find fascinating, create compelling content and earn Ducks straight into their wallet.

Business Concept

DigDuck is a Danish start-up that envisions a truly user-centric approach toward social media.

We have developed an app that soon will use a cryptographic token (CDK) as a means of exchange between users when they create or consume content.

By that DigDuck want to reward the users for their time and effort on the platform, opposite to other platforms that exploit users by tapping into their data and even selling it to third-parties.

Vision & Mission

Exchanging the “no value time” of mobile messaging with a currency of the crypto generation

DigDuck is pursuing a bold idea because we believe that Generation Y and Z will change their mobile social behaviour dramatically over the coming years.

Users want higher quality content and less unnecessary spam. Users also want to be rewarded for their time and content produced – Instead of them solely relying on third-party advertisers or disguised advertisement for income.

Furthermore, we believe that young consumers want to escape the inexpedient behaviour of the current mobile ad system.


DigDuck was founded in 2016 by a team of co-founders that believed there was a need for a different approach in social media and photo sharing platforms.

DigDuck is VC funded and in 2017/18 the platform underwent many improvements, while gradually the team started to develop a concept for using a real cryptographic token instead of a plain virtual currency.

In 2019 the company is focused on further improvement, expansion and to switch the exchange format to a cryptographic token.



We currently does not have any job openings, but we are always happy to hear from new talented people who wish to join the team.

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The DigDuck proprietary ad format (pat. pending) will soon be a cornerstone in the new Ad ecosystem by rewarding users in CDK Tokens when users initiate and engage with ads in-app – as well if the user continues interaction on advertisers’ website.

We are inviting users to be an active part of the advertisement ecosystem, rather than a passive participant. User Initiated Ads is a method for rewarding users for viewing and engaging in partners advertisements – therefore sharing advertising revenue between the application owner and the user viewing the advertisement. This will make the advertisement model less intrusive to users who does not want to interact or have no interest to do so – ultimately users who are of no use for advertisers anyhow.

Furthermore, no user information and personal data will be shared with third-party interests.